Thursday, April 18, 2013

Too Noisy!

It's official. Everyone has spring fever. Lately, the noise level in my classroom can be pretty outrageous at times. So today I decided I needed to pull out one of my "secret" weapons.  Last summer, I heard about this app called Too Noisy. It's free to download.

Once the app is ready to monitor the noise level the screen below comes up.  I like to put it under my document camera so everyone can see it.  Our goal is to keep it smiling! And let me tell you they try really hard.   

Unfortunately, sometimes it looks like this. When this happens we have to take some fluff balls out of our jar (classroom incentive jar).

When the smiley face begins to frown they try to quiet each other down. I usually don't have to say a word.  If you don't have this app... GET IT.  It's pretty amazing. 

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