Friday, March 6, 2015

Main Idea and Details

This week has been all about main idea and details!

We always have a hard time hitting this concept home. I just think it's a difficult concept for second graders to "get." Does anyone else feel like that? .... Or maybe I just don't do a good job of explaining it?

This year I tried to revamp my kick off. We started with an anchor chart.

Then I displayed a clip art picture of a birthday party on the Smart Board. We completed a thinking map together. It was super simple but a great visual and something everyone could relate to.

Before the lesson I prepped a baggie of restaurant, store, and entertainment logos from our community. There were 6 for each.

I put the students in cooperate groups of 3-4 students. Their job was to explore the images and try to figure out the main idea. They were excited to sort and their conversations were great! Once the groups had time to work we shared what we figured out.

We've read a new book each week and discussed the main idea and details of each. We love Amy Lemons' craftivities so her MI&D activities have been put to use this week!

I was inspired by her stuff and made this cute jellyfish!

We would love to hear about your favorite lessons and activities for this concept! Please share. :)

- Amy