Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Most Fun Week of the Year!

Yes, you actually read that title correctly.  A teacher who loves Halloween week....can you believe it?? I don't know how you feel about it or how the teachers in your building do, but I can say I hear a lot of dread and complaining.  Come on people!  We loved Halloween when we were kids.  It was a magical night of dressing up and getting more candy than we had the whole rest of the year!  So teachers this is a friendly PSA--Let's not forget that excitement WE once felt....whether it was on a Saturday or a Wednesday!  Let your kiddos get excited....maybe even join in.

Anyway...the sisters and I have a fun week planned and I wanted to share a little overview with you!  Between beginning of the year stuff, reading testing, teaching behavior expectations and routines, and our rigorous math program, we haven't exactly had a ton of "free" time for fun things.  My room was looking B-A-R-E.  Let's face it, kids need some down time to have a little fun here and there between all the "must-dos" and my class needed a Halloween face lift!  So last week I squeezed in a simple craft of making pumpkins.  Believe it or not, the class loved the simplicity and were so creative when they knew they could do whatever they wanted!  I got big pumpkins, small pumpkins, pumpkins with baseball hats, and pumpkins with eyelashes!  I loved their creativity and they loved that there were basically no directions!  I hung these on a bulletin board in the hallway and titled it "We're a Perfect Patch of Pumpkins."  I was starting to feel more in the spirit of the upcoming holiday.  I decided to also squeeze in writing Halloween stories.  As Amy has been telling you, we have adopted a new way of teaching writing so far this year.  It allows the students to write about whatever they want....I just slightly encouraged them to try a Halloween story when we were learning about question leads.  Of course they all got super excited.  They weren't masterpieces of perfection but they loved writing them so we did a final copy and they made story toppers out of our Halloween unit.  You can find that unit here or by clicking on the picture below if you want to make these or incorporate lots of different Halloween ideas into your learning this week.  

Now that these are hanging in my room, it's onto the BIG week!  We decided to put the regular routine on hold somewhat to have THEME week!  Each day this week has a theme that goes along with Halloween. We made sure to include all of the things we were going to learn anyway, just put a fun holiday spin on them.  Nothing says "exciting" to 7 and 8 year olds more than "special days."  We used to do a huge bat unit that we worked on for a few weeks.  We loved it, the kiddos loved it.  But then we realized Kindergarten did it and so did 1st grade and we wanted to do something new for them.  So last year we did a shorter study of spiders.  We loved it, the kiddos loved it but now we see lots of those in the halls already this year.....trendy perhaps?!?  So we came up with a way to still do a little of each.  Check out our themes for this week....

Monday- Spooky Spiders
Tuesday- Batty Bats (including Bat'tastic activities)
Wednesday- Pumpkin Play (including pumpkin science activities)
Thursday- Witch's Brew (including Room on the Broom strategies)
Friday- Halloween Fun

We will check back in with you to show you a little of what we did for each theme day....and include some pics!

I have not been more excited about a Monday since last June! :)

Now you tell us....what's your favorite way to incorporate Halloween into your classroom learning?


Saturday, October 24, 2015

Writing Lessons

Happy Saturday!

We've known our writing lessons needed an overhaul but we just weren't sure where to start. When I found the book, No More, "I'm Done!" that all changed. This is a must read for all lower el teachers.

Here are few of our favorite writing lessons we've taught so far this year...

Adding Details

This lesson starts with the story, A House For Hermit Crab, and a big empty square drawn on chart paper. Read and enjoy. Then discuss all the details on hermit crab's house. By now, kids are wanted to know what the big square is for on the paper. Invite each student to come up and add one thing to the "house." Then write a story that includes each and everything that was added.

Story Structure

We have taken a look at numerous ways stories are arranged and by far the two favorite have been ABC stories and stories arranged by days of the week.

We absolutely LOVE the book, The Z Was Zapped by Chris Van Allsburg.  The kids have a great time trying to guess what will happen to the next letter. This prompted TONS of ABC books to be written.

We also read, Cookie's Week. This book is very simple but is wonderful for showing a different way that authors can choose to write a story. After reading the book we did a shared writing. Of course they wanted to write about Baby T.

We typed it up... they love rereading stories written with help from all their classmates.

Good Leads

Are you sick of reading stories that start with, "One day..."? Yeah. Us too. The good leads portion of the book was really good for us. She outlined some of the most interesting ways for students to start stories. We picked 5 leads that we thought our students would be most apt to use in their writing.

We introduced one lead each day and modeled writing with that lead. After 5 days we had learned all the different leads.  Our culminating activity was suggested by Jennifer Jacobson.  Her book said to gather about 20 picture books that all started with good leads. We read the beginning of each book and then sorted them by the type of lead. Such a great way to show students that they are doing things real authors do!

Happy Writing!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Writer's Workshop

Okay... So I've never done a "Writer's Workshop" before.

I know. I know. I'm probably a day late and a dollar short but I'm giving it a try this year. I'm definitely easing in. We are starting slow but I know it will be worth it.

Over the summer I found this amazing book... No More, "I'm Done!" by Jennifer Jacobson.

Seriously, read it.

I brought this book to our first planning session. I felt a bit nervous because well... When you work with 4 other amazing teachers and you have a new idea... It's kinda intimidating. But they totally loved what I was saying and they all bought this book too!

Jennifer Jacobson outlines the school year with ideas and mini lessons month by month. Don't misunderstand, your whole year will not be planned but this book provides a great outline! A perfect starting point if you are new to Writer's Workshop, like us.

This book also explains the different components, why they are important, and how to best use them in the classroom.

Our workshop begins with a mini lesson. Sharing mentor texts is so important. Young writers need to see and hear good writing. Modeling writing is key. Now, these two things are not new. We all do this but it's nice to read the research behind why.

After the lesson we all check in. I ask the writers to share what they are writing about. It goes a little something like this....

Me: "Writers, what will you be writing about today?"
-Some students will raise hands.... Others will blank stare at me.-
Student A: "I'm going to write about visiting the cider mill."
Me: "Wonderful, you and anyone else writing about a fall activity may go get out your notebook and find a quiet place to write."

This continues until my "lone wolf" is left. I'm sure you all have a lone wolf, the one kid who never knows what to write about. Well... This book addresses that!

Finally, it's time for independent writing. I started with what she calls, "Quiet 10." During this time students need to be thinking, planning, sketching, brainstorming, and/or writing.

We play quiet classical/instrumental music, the lights are off and the lamps are on. Everyone has to be quiet. This is the time we need to get the juices flowing... Which can be the hardest part!

At first, I had a few kids who would come up to me and say, "I'm Done." I know, you have them too!! Drives me crazy.  Thank goodness for the book!!!

After 10 minutes the timer goes off but we continue writing! Yes. You read that right... We write for more that 10 minutes and now no one says, "I'm done." Right now we do 7 more minutes, our goal is 10!

I have a student go around an stamp the date on each persons page. This helps me see that everyone is using their time appropriately.

Next, We meet back at the rug for Author's Chair. Don't skip this part! It's so important. 3 authors is the max. After that, we get too squirrelly.

Now, I know what you're thinking... When are you conferencing? I haven't started yet, I know... Bad. But I want everyone writing. So my plan is to add the student-teacher conferences in next week. I told you in the beginning, baby steps.

I'm pretty pumped about writing this year and my students are too.

If you are looking for some new mini lessons... Stay tuned!


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

There Can Never Be Enough...


I am obsessed with buying picture books. As I'm sure most other elementary school teachers are.

We are 3 weeks into the school year and I've probably read over 50 stories to my class. I'm want to share some of my favorites when I'm launching Daily 5: Read to Self.

Dex the Heart of Hero.

Do you struggle is explain reading stamina? When I went to the Daily 5/CAFE conference, the Sisters, gave everyone this book! This is a super cute story about Dex, who is a small dog with big dreams. He works hard to become a super hero and guess what all this hard work pays off! Kids reference Dex as they are building their reading "muscles."

Too Much Noise.

Sometimes there is a lot of noise in the classroom and we try to silence the noise but honestly, we just need to learn to live with it. This book is about an old man who tries to get this house perfectly quiet but nothing he tries helps. After reading this funny book, we discussed what noises can we live with during our rounds. We came up: page turning, whisper reading, wind, quiet talking coming from the reading table, and the garbage truck... yes, our room is right by the dumpsters! Ugh.

The Best Place to Read.

This is a cute story to read about finding a just right spot at home. We relate this to the classroom. It is important that no one is sitting in an arm's reach to someone else and that you are in a comfortable place where you won't need to constantly readjust.

Those Shoes.

This was another recommendation from the Daily 5/CAFE conference. I like to read this when we are discussing "just right books." We relate books that are too easy, too hard, or just right to shoes that are too small, too big, or just right. In this book, the main character really wants a pair of popular sneakers but can't afford them. He finds a pair at a thrift store, tries to make them work, but they are too small. He realizes he should give up on the shoes and realizes what he really needed all along are the boots he grandmother bought him.

Library Lion.

This is one of my favorite stories. It is about a lion who loves the library. This story helps us realize that everyone needs to be responsible for taking care of the library.

I like to display all the books I read for lessons or pure enjoyment out for the students to take and read. I display them in our group meeting area. These books are not allowed to be kept in anyones book boxes. Once students are finished reading them they have to return them after the round so someone else can enjoy them.


Saturday, September 12, 2015

New Year, New View

We made it!

Week 1... Check.

My new group is amazing! We are totally meshing. Things in the behavior department are good. They are hanging on every word I say.  Let's hope this keeps up!

We've tried to change things up a bit this year.

1. You're Finally Here! Super cute book.

This is a must read to set the tone for the year. The kids were super excited for the rest of the day.

We used to read, First Day Jitters. I'm not hating on that book, I do love it but... I think it sets a weird feeling that you should be nervous and scared of school. Do we want kids feeling that way? Of course everyone is a bit nervous, it's human nature.

But to be honest, I was more pumped after ready You're Finally Here!

2. Cooperative Learning. The right way.

We were Kagan trained during PD this year. If you were like me, group work = cooperative learning. Ummm... no. Cooperative learning is amazing. Mix-Pair-Share and Round Robin are the first two I'm tackling. We are getting the hang of it and truly building the community.

3. Community.

Why did I rush this before? This year I am focusing on building our classroom community. Maybe that's the reason for the instant meshing, as mentioned above?

4. Favorite read alouds.

We are reading books for pure enjoyment. I felt stuck only using books for lessons and learning last year. There's so much pressure for testing and making the most of every minute. Let me tell you... Pure reading enjoyment makes the minutes count.

5. Ron Clark.

Lindsay is hooked on Ron Clark. She brought the book for me to read and I'm so bummed that I forgot it on my desk! I can't wait to read about the Essential 55 and put it into use.

With all of these new outlooks, I'm feeling like I need an overhaul in other aspects of our day. Stay tuned for how we are going to switch things up this year!

I'm really excited to get this year underway!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

B2S Tip...

We've been blogging and Instagram-ing so much summer stuff, I thought it was time to start adding B2S setup ideas.  Yes, I one wants to quite think about getting back in the swing of things yet but it is coming up quickly.  Based on Instagram, some people are already back!

This will be my 16th year (gasp) teaching.  I have no idea how I have stayed in my mid-20's and have that many years in (wink-wink) but I have learned a lot of things in that time.  I am no expert by any means and I still learn what works and what doesn't each year.  However one thing that I would say I feel I have mastered is the classroom library.  

Flashback to year #1....I was just excited to have books to put on shelves for my very first second graders.  I didn't have the abundance I do now but I had enough to start.  I went to garage sales, took books others were done with, and stocked up monthly with book orders.  But the MESS.  Oh the MESS of my bookshelves.  Too often I would spend hours making nice neat rows of books....just like in a real library.  I would gush at how neat they all looked.  The next day...back to a disaster.  I didn't understand....couldn't these cute little kiddos just take one and nicely slide one back into the row?  Ummm...hello 16 year ago self...NO.  They couldn't.  

I am totally OCD so I knew part of it was "letting go" a little and allowing a little mess.  This I learned early on. I tried many ways of organizing my books.  I tried rows, bins, DRA sorted bins, bins with pictures, but every year would be the same.  Nothing ended up in the right place and I spent even more time organizing.  Until a few years ago....

It finally came to me (and I may have seen it somewhere also...ha ha).  My students needed the books organized- yes.  So bins with labels like I liked did work.  But some students didn't understand my thinking in what went where.  Others just thought Fish went in the "Animals" bin not the "Sea Life" bin.  And yet others-  they were just too in a hurry to look where the it should really go. 

Enter amazing solution that works 99.5% of the time (there are still "I'm too in a hurry" students)!

My classroom library which now houses at least 5x as many books as it did that first year, is organized into bins.  Good bye to the neat library rows that just don't work in a classroom setting.  Each bin is labeled by topic/category/character.  For example...I have a Clifford bin, a Berenstain Bears bin, an Arthur bin, a science bin, Land Animals bin, Ocean Animals bin, Alphabet Books bin, etc.  Each bin label is ALSO assigned a number.  In each bin I have all of the books labeled on the back with a small round sticker that has the same number on it.  That way all the kids have to do is match the numbers when returning their books.  I get the organization that works for me and looks neat and my kiddos get an each system of number matching.  Arthur books are all in a bin labeled Arthur #1 and every Arthur book in there also has a sticker on the back with a #1 on it.  That way they know exactly where each book goes. 

Numbers.  Easy.  

Some of you may be saying...."Well of course!" but it took me about 12 years to get it right so for those few out there that are looking for something that works well....there it is!

My classroom right now is filled with lots of teal (some of you may remember my slight obsession with the color from my last post).  Here are the book bin labels I am using in my classroom right now.  I used to have black borders with cute clip art/pictures also but last year when I made these I changed the color scheme of my room and made these to match some border I was using.  They might work for you to use or give you some inspiration for making your own.  I made all of the text editable so if you want to use the teal polka-dot labels that I made, you can, but you are still able to edit the bin label numbers and titles.  Just so you know the text I used is from Kevin and Amanda's "Pea Fonts" and it is called Pea Angedawn.  This is the font that will open correctly on your computer so download it if you don't already have it.  You can always change the font using the editable boxes.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Summer Lovin'

Like "Sister 3" (Amy) said, we are working hard on getting back into the blogging world and creating new products for our store.  All three of us have been busy enjoying summer...I am sure you would agree, it goes by WAY. TOO. FAST.  Does the calendar really say August already?!?

My summer has consisted of sun and fun, lots of reading, and of course shopping!  We finally got sod and sprinklers at our new house.  I cannot begin to tell you how excited I was the day the sod finally went in.  I was very sick of looking at our "dirt" yard.  When did I get so old that SOD excites me?  Now if I only had a pool in the backyard already.....(sigh).

We also celebrated our first wedding anniversary!  What a huge accomplishment (yes I said only 1 year!!)! :)  I love my husband to pieces but year 1 is filled with lots of compromise. Let's face it...anyone who doesn't admit that along with happiness, excitement, and fun-- year 1 also has some lying.  We decided we needed a vacation-celebration!  I mean who wouldn't?  I am not sure where I saw this but it pretty much sums up our motto:

We headed to Florida for 10 days.  We spend the first few in Orlando and stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel at Universal.  I am totally a Disney fanatic so Universal was fun but didn't compare and isn't the park that has my heart!  The hotel on the other hand was amazing!

After leaving Orlando, we headed for the beach to finish out our anniversary trip.  If you follow us on Instagram, you saw some pictures of the beautiful Clearwater Beach.  We had a few days of rain but found lots of frivolous shopping to do in Tampa.  The rest of the trip was sunny and super hot!  What an amazing trip with lots of great memories made.

I have been continuing my shopping spree since we have been home...buying lots of good stuff for the house.  I don't like a lot of clutter and "knick knacks" but my house needs some "flair."  Here are a few good things I picked up at Pier One just this week!  I am borderline obsessed with teal/turquoise!

They also opened a Kirkland store close by where I live. There are a few in the area but none were close enough to stop by regularly (which was probably good).  I picked up a few pieces of  Halloween d├ęcor....hey might as well get a head start!

In between all of this, I have found time for relaxing in the Michigan sun!  It's been pretty beautiful here the last few weeks.  I have a few good friends with pools and have been spending lots of time enjoying fun summer cocktails while soaking up some summer sunshine.  I have also started trying Zumba classes!  I have a friend who goes religiously and has not stopped asking me to join in this summer.  Finally I gave in this week....and I have to admit I love it!  Do any of you Zumba?

Most importantly, I have been working hard on adding products to our TPT store!  I have quite a few new things started and finally uploaded the first two completed things!  I know Amy blogged about a Sub Pack freebie for you all on Wednesday!  Well I just uploaded our first ever - upper elementary sub pack!  This pack uses a picture book called Just a Dream by Chris Van Allsburg.  It is from our 5th grade genre unit.  Check it out if you teach upper el or know someone who could use a great sub tub filler.  You can find it here.

I also recently added an informational text pack on Turtles!  Our kiddos always seem to LOVE learning about any kind of animals.  I even learned a lot making this pack!  I can't wait to use it this coming school year.

Speaking of....what is your countdown to back to school?

Have a great day!
~Tina (Sister 1)

Thursday, August 6, 2015

This or That

I wish I would have seen this link up last week, so I'm a week late but none the less... it was too fun to pass up! 

I have to say I really surprised myself with some of these picks...

JEANS: Back in the day I wouldn't have been caught dead in jeans. Now, I live in them! 

NECKLACES: Earrings use to be an everyday MUST. I felt naked without a pair. Now, necklaces are in - earrings are out. 

EARLY BIRD or NIGHT OWL: Neither. I love going to bed early and sleeping in. BUT I'd say I'd rather wake up early than stay out late. I'm old. 

FLATS: Seriously, who am I??? My high heels are crying right now because they haven't seen the light of day in years. I'm all about dem flats. 

Join the fun and head over to The Tattooed Teacher to link up! 


Wednesday, August 5, 2015

August Currently

Hello out there!

We've been MIA for some time but I'm ready to get back to my blogging ways [now I just need to get the other two on board! ;)] . 

What better way to get back in the saddle than to join the August Currently fun! 

I have to honestly say, that this has been the best summer of my life. My daughter and I are on the go constantly. We've been to the zoo, aquarium, library, pool parties, shopping, play dates... you name we've probably done it! I'd love to show you a picture of how big T is getting but... 

This girl won't let me get a good picture of her. 16 months going on 16 years some days, lol. I love her sass and spunk! She is pretty worn out now from a morning of fun at the Sea Life Aquarium and lunch at the Rainforest Cafe. Like I said earlier... 3 hour nap! 

So, I'm trying to get caught up on some of those projects: organizing the basement, working on the baby book, completing some TpT projects, getting things together for a new school year and studying for an insurance licensing class. 

My husband is an agent and thinks it's a great idea for me to become liscened, "Just as a back up or on the side." Just because his company specializes in home and auto insurance for teachers doesn't mean I have to work there (as a back up OR on the side) because I'm a teacher. SOOO Yep, that's sitting right next to me but I'm...

and YES... That's my boyfriend Jonathon, from Property Brothers, you see in the background. 

Next Monday I'll  be getting my Stitch Fix. Seriously ladies, when I see that box on my porch it's like Christmas morning. I finally got Tina and Lindsay to sign up! Tune in next week to see what my personal stylist picked for me! 

And... If you're still reading we have a prize for you! Sub packs are our number one sellers in our TpT store. We want you to start the year prepared so here is one of our packs free! Just for being a reader of our blog. 

We appreciate you taking your valuable free time to read about our personal and professional lives and adventures. 

Have a great day everyone!! 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Break

Are Tina's Instagram photos starting to depress anyone else!?!? I mean seriously, we get it. Lindsay and I are stuck home in rainy, cold weather and she's living it up in the sunshine. #jealous

Next year... When the Mr and I don't have so much going on with a wedding and business... we ARE going on a warm beach trip with baby T.

But regardless of being stuck in the rain I am loving spring break. Baby T and I are having some much needed girl time. We spent yesterday at a local mall. She slept in her stroller while I scoured the racks for spring/summer clothes to fit my post baby body. I decided ...after quite a few tears were shed from pulling out my spring clothes... that I need all new ones! I found out this morning that the Mr secretly signed me up for Stitch Fix. I'll be getting my first fix April 20.

This afternoon is supposed to be beautiful, about time! We will be heading to a nearby park for some much needed fresh air. I can't wait, it will be baby T's first time on a swing and slide!

For now... Baby T and I playing with toys and reading books. Moments like this I cherish. I am so blessed to have such a great little family.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cause and Effect

So, I think we finally have main and idea and details mastered! PHEW, that only took a few weeks. We were finally ready to move on to cause and effect.

We started with an anchor chart introduction. I combined a few that I saw on Pinterest to make this one.

We also watched this short clip.

One of my favorite books to introduce this topic is The Wonderful Happened. It has such a nice ending.

We also love Amy Lemons, I don't think we've ever mentioned that before... Or maybe we have 37 or 38 times. She has some great cause and effect activities that we love to do each year with a Bad Case of Stripes, Play Ball Amelia Bedelia, and If You Give A Mouse A Cookie. 


Friday, March 6, 2015

Main Idea and Details

This week has been all about main idea and details!

We always have a hard time hitting this concept home. I just think it's a difficult concept for second graders to "get." Does anyone else feel like that? .... Or maybe I just don't do a good job of explaining it?

This year I tried to revamp my kick off. We started with an anchor chart.

Then I displayed a clip art picture of a birthday party on the Smart Board. We completed a thinking map together. It was super simple but a great visual and something everyone could relate to.

Before the lesson I prepped a baggie of restaurant, store, and entertainment logos from our community. There were 6 for each.

I put the students in cooperate groups of 3-4 students. Their job was to explore the images and try to figure out the main idea. They were excited to sort and their conversations were great! Once the groups had time to work we shared what we figured out.

We've read a new book each week and discussed the main idea and details of each. We love Amy Lemons' craftivities so her MI&D activities have been put to use this week!

I was inspired by her stuff and made this cute jellyfish!

We would love to hear about your favorite lessons and activities for this concept! Please share. :)

- Amy

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Feelin' The Love

Happy Valentine's Day! We know, we are a day late and a dollar short. But we think you'll be okay with it once you click here. It's our Valentine's Day Graphing Activities free! They are for purchase at our TpT store but we love our readers and want you to have them. So print them off and stash them in your file for next year.

Love <3
-Amy, Tina, and Lindsay

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Let's Give Em' Something to Talk About

Okay everyone.  My name is Tina and I am terrible blogger.

Ahhh, now that we have that out in the open, I feel like maybe I can do this.  Believe it or not, I went through high school and college as the one who COULD write....and write...and write.  Fast forward to today. Am I busy at school everyday?  Yes.  Am I doing things I would love to share?  Yes.  Am  I finding time to do that?  No.  I blame the clock.  LOL... I'm a terrible "sister."  Thank goodness for Amy- Sister 3- who keeps our little blog going!   Here I am with time today so I have lots to share!

Let's rewind to July.  (Yes y'all it has been THAT long since I have blogged!!)  The absolute most stressful wonderful time of my life!  I married my best friend.  Yesterday was our 7 month anniversary.  It feels like forever ago but I still remember every moment of that day.  I had such nervous butterflies.  Fear, excitement, nerves....I had it all!  But everything turned out amazing and our first newlywed year of marriage is FLYING by.  I remember as a kid, my parents telling me not to rush time because it goes so quickly.  I totally get it now.  Here are two photos (out of 670) of our big day. 

 Pretty amazing day!  We can't wait to celebrate our first married Valentine's Day.....building a closet organizer in our new room.  Oh yeah....on my little "hiatus" from our blog, we also built a house and moved in.  The pages I could write on THAT topic are intense so I will simply say it was supposed to be done in July and we move in November 1st.  Yes...exactly.  Make your own assumptions.  However I LOVE our new house and we are slowly filling every room and making it a home.  Here is a picture of it before we moved in.  It looks the same on the outside minus the piles of snow all around it. :)

See I have been busy?!?

At school things have been pretty busy as well/.  We started a new math series. It has pros and cons.  We are supplementing it with our own units to make sure we meet all of our standards.  Have any of you started a new series you didn't love?  How did you help yourself to adapt?  We love new and inventive ways to teach things and hate the "same old" but this has some very "different" ways of teaching things.

I currently have a student teacher.  She is only here for about 2 more weeks.  My students love her and she is really getting into the groove.  Her being almost done makes me happy (I miss teaching my students) and sad ( I will miss being able to get things done while she teaches).  I guess all good things must come to an end.

We have been studying informational text A LOT over the last few weeks.  We have used informational guided reading books, taught strategies with informational text, and been working hard on text features.  We've done lots of great things with this but I thought I would share the group posters my class made.  After they leaned about all of the informational text features, they got in small groups to make posters for each one.  These are hanging on a wall by our reading area so students remember these in the future through pictures and words.

This week we are quickly approaching the sugariest most lovable party of the year, our Valentine's Day parties.  They are tomorrow and to use the kids excitement in a positive way, we have been doing many Valentine's Day based activities.  Here's a look at a few.....

I am not sure who to give credit to for the above adorable craftivities but we made these to go with the book Love, Splat.  It is a great story for lower elementary.  These crafts included students writing about ways to show love.  They came up with some cute, creative ways.  Think "buy them a fish" and "hand them a Kleenex."  Out of the mouths of babes!! 

Here we also were making a cute little Valentine craft that went with writing.  Our students have been working on "How-to" writing using order words and organizers.  Today we did our final copy of "How to make a Valentine" and made these heart people to go with it.  Everything is better with a craft right?!?  Especially if you are a second grader.  This how-to writing and craft along with many more are included in our new unit found here.  This unit includes "how-to" writing activities that will last you ALL year!

Well I think I have taken enough of your time caught you up on enough for now.

Have a great day!