Wednesday, October 15, 2014


That moment when a coworker buys one of your products.

It happened. Today.

We have not promoted the fact that we started a TpT store at our school. There are only about 3 other people who actually know we have this blog and a store. We were a bit apprehensive to share our venture, you know... it case it was a flop. Well, it's been a year [!] and we are going strong. We feel so blessed.

For those of you who blog and/or sell, did you tell your coworkers?


So this week has been everything scary! 

Monday we made a list of scary words.

However, the scariest thing about this picture just might be my spelling! UGH how embarrassing!

After we made this list and the students copied the words into their Writer's Notebook (whoops... they all spelled tarantula and slime wrong!) we used the words to make scary sentences. Every year after we do this lesson I think to myself, "Tell the kids they can't write about Bloody Mary." Then the next year rolls around, I forget, and I get 20 sentences about her.

Because we like to turn activities into friendly competitions we decided to find the person who wrote the scariest sentence of all! I set the writing timer for 12 minutes and the spooky music went on. [We had to set the mood!] After our timer went off I had each student reread all their sentences and star the scariest. Each student shared their scariest sentence with their table. The table then voted who had the absolute scariest. That person when came up to the front of the room. We have 7 tables in our classroom so we had 7 sentences about Bloody Mary to vote on. We found our scariest writer and applauded them. It was a fun!

Yesterday, we turned those scary sentences into stories. I had a sub so my stories were, well... not so good. However, Tina's turned out cute so she had her class turn theirs into a final copy today.

I feel like this is the first year in a while that I've really been excited for Halloween. I'm attributing it to the baby! I bought her 3, yes 3, costumes. I'm seriously going to return 2.. I just can't decide which one to keep. Piglet? Strawberry? Ladybug? They are all just TOO cute.

I have been lighting this candle every night! I just LOVE it.