Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Break

Are Tina's Instagram photos starting to depress anyone else!?!? I mean seriously, we get it. Lindsay and I are stuck home in rainy, cold weather and she's living it up in the sunshine. #jealous

Next year... When the Mr and I don't have so much going on with a wedding and business... we ARE going on a warm beach trip with baby T.

But regardless of being stuck in the rain I am loving spring break. Baby T and I are having some much needed girl time. We spent yesterday at a local mall. She slept in her stroller while I scoured the racks for spring/summer clothes to fit my post baby body. I decided ...after quite a few tears were shed from pulling out my spring clothes... that I need all new ones! I found out this morning that the Mr secretly signed me up for Stitch Fix. I'll be getting my first fix April 20.

This afternoon is supposed to be beautiful, about time! We will be heading to a nearby park for some much needed fresh air. I can't wait, it will be baby T's first time on a swing and slide!

For now... Baby T and I playing with toys and reading books. Moments like this I cherish. I am so blessed to have such a great little family.


Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cause and Effect

So, I think we finally have main and idea and details mastered! PHEW, that only took a few weeks. We were finally ready to move on to cause and effect.

We started with an anchor chart introduction. I combined a few that I saw on Pinterest to make this one.

We also watched this short clip.

One of my favorite books to introduce this topic is The Wonderful Happened. It has such a nice ending.

We also love Amy Lemons, I don't think we've ever mentioned that before... Or maybe we have 37 or 38 times. She has some great cause and effect activities that we love to do each year with a Bad Case of Stripes, Play Ball Amelia Bedelia, and If You Give A Mouse A Cookie.