Thursday, August 6, 2015

This or That

I wish I would have seen this link up last week, so I'm a week late but none the less... it was too fun to pass up! 

I have to say I really surprised myself with some of these picks...

JEANS: Back in the day I wouldn't have been caught dead in jeans. Now, I live in them! 

NECKLACES: Earrings use to be an everyday MUST. I felt naked without a pair. Now, necklaces are in - earrings are out. 

EARLY BIRD or NIGHT OWL: Neither. I love going to bed early and sleeping in. BUT I'd say I'd rather wake up early than stay out late. I'm old. 

FLATS: Seriously, who am I??? My high heels are crying right now because they haven't seen the light of day in years. I'm all about dem flats. 

Join the fun and head over to The Tattooed Teacher to link up! 


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