Thursday, April 25, 2013

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat!

So the end of the year is quickly approaching.....don't try to hide it, I know you probably have a countdown going! :)  As exciting as it, it also means it is crunch time!  Time to wrap up units, finish standards we haven't gotten to yet, and review all of what we have learned this year.  In our district, our grade level does an end of the year assessment. This includes a DRA, a writing piece, and a large math assessment so reviewing our core concepts throughout the year is important.  Imagine the dismay when we say...."Hey, remember we learned how to regroup?  Let's do a few problems as a math warm-up" and all we see is S-T-A-R-E-S.  Seriously?!?  "We start in the what place?  Where is that again?  Do I regroup the 1 or the 3?"  UGH!  Just makes us realize that even though we move on from things, we should always keep reviewing because how quickly some forget! 

This is true with everything we teach.  You are probably Who has time for that when I have 187 more standards to teach (I hear you giggling and nodding your head) but retention of information is what our ultimate goal is right?!  The three of us have decided that is one of our goals for next keep things fresh even when we have moved on.  We are hoping to construct a variety of year-long activity packs. These can be used on a math shelf, in centers, as quick warm-up activities, etc. 

We just finished our first is a fact or opinion yearlong pack.  We identified through STAR testing that differentiating between fact or opinion is a skill a lot of our students need work on.  So our pack has 20 fact or opinion sorts with topics that range over the year (2 per month).  Check it out here and keep coming back to see what new yearlong packs are coming soon!

We have loved Teachers Pay Teachers for so's a great place to share your creativity and kick start someone else's new great ideas in your own classrooms.  So I will leave you with something TPT sellers and buyers can truly appreciate....

Have a great Friday....TGIF!

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