Sunday, April 21, 2013

Birthdays, Boyfriends, and Bees!

Happy Birthday Sister 3!!  Today is the big 2-6 for her and we hope she has a wonderful, fun-filled day! 

And more birthdays....I went to my niece's birthday party last night.  I know you heard all about my shopping experience in Friday's blog.  I arrived at the party to 13 screaming 4th graders.  Loud does not begin to describe it!  My best friend's from high school are her parents and they let her have a sleepover....can you say "SAINTS??"  The Abercrombie clothes were a huge success and all the girls seemed to be having a great time.  The most interesting thing I saw was that at least 8 of them had cell phones!  Boy have times changed....I never knew cell phones were a necessity at 10. I mean who exactly are they calling??  LOL :) 

All of this birthday talk reminds me of our first freebie on TPT...we did a birthday graph pack!  It's a fun graphing activity that you can do in a pinch or even leave up as a classroom display....check it out!

My boyfriend missed out on the festivities.  He is sick.  Now I am sure many of you out there have boyfriends and husbands and maybe you can relate....when your men are sick, is it like the end of the world??  I mean the things we go to school with, feeling the worst ever, and a man gets a cold and it's the Swine Flu right??  Anyone else have this experience??  I do love him to pieces though so I hate seeing him not feel good.  I gave him lots of TLC before I left for the party but it doesn't mean I can't have a few giggles.

Before I leave you all for today, we have a little something new for you!  Our classes LOVE learning about informational text this might be because we really focus on it and do so much of it but the good thing is they are always SO into it!  We have planned our next thing to learn is about bees!!  Not my favorite insect or topic (I think it is right up there with snakes) but a perfect season for it!  We haven't started yet but have made up this freebie to help guide us through our instruction.  It has a KWL, a Can, Have, Are chart, and an informational text graphic organizer and writing page.  Students can turn their writing into a bee craftivity.  We will post pictures of our bee study when we start but we wanted to get this bee freebie out to you!

Enjoy and happy Sunday!

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  1. Thank you so much. I'm planning to use your bee freebie next week! It's bee-utifully done. :)