Thursday, April 11, 2013

Journal Prompts

Getting second graders to write can be quite a chore but the sisters and I have found a sure fire way to get them interested!  We created a journal for each of our students.  

The kids this it's amazing that their name is TYPED on the front!  We used the binding machine to make each journal.  Within the journal are a few important features.  When you open it up they find a "Writer's Checklist."  These are the things we require them to do in every writing piece.

It's a great visual reminder.  Next are 20 writing prompts... we don't want to overwhelm them with a HUGE stack of choices.  We tell them they can pick any page to start on, that's a biggie.  Allowing them to select for themselves is a big motivation.  They love sharing their writing with a friend and of course us!

Coming up write writing prompts can be a daunting task.  So we've made it easy for you!  Check out our Journal Prompts [12 Months Worth] packet on TpT. 120 prompts for less than 10 cents each, it's a steal! 

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