Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pretty Planners?!?!

Ok friends and followers....I need information and I need it now!!!

I spend "some" time on Instagram and browsing great teaching blogs (I see the shock on all of your and something I have been seeing EVERYWHERE are these Erin Condren planners!!  People seem obsessed with ordering them, tracking them (yes I said tracking!!), and celebrating when they receive them in the mail.

So first I wonder....who is this Erin Condren???

Why haven't I heard of her before now??

And what the heck makes these planners the MUST HAVE of the teacher blog/instagram world??

Can someone please fill me in because I saw the price on a blog and I am in a little bit of sticker shock BUT don't even care because I am still feeling like I need one of these....I mean they are SO cute!!!  And I (much like many of you) am a sucker for anything cute!

  Help me out this planner really a MUST HAVE?

~Sister 1

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