Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Fun

We can't believe it... it's our last Friday of the year! But you know what that means... Five for Friday linky.

Number 1: We've been trying to wrap up the end of the year.  We bought Hope King's, The Ultimate End of the Year Writing Bundle. We are in love with the Time Capsule! Since our kids will be graduating high school in 10 years we told them they can't open them until 2023. How weird does that year sound!?!  Our parents were loving the letter they had to write to their children, even though quite a few of them told us they teared up and some even sobbed! We also decided to write a letter to our students and tuck them in. It will be a fun surprise when they eventually open it!

In addition, we made an ABCs of Second Grade book to tuck in the time capsule. You can grab our freebie here!

Number 2: Today was our end of the year bowling field trip. It's always interesting, to say the least. 120 kids trying to figure out what size shoes they wear, serving the pizza, and getting pop. But it's always fun!

Number 3: Sister 1 and Sister 2 went on their annual pen pal trip this week.  They are pen pals with a school not to far from us.  They meet them at their school and then walk to a park nearby.  One of the teacher's with them was freaking out about ecoli being in the water. Obviously there wasn't. haha They had a blast... I'm going to try and get in on that next year!

Number 4: Sister 1 went to her friend's wedding last weekend.  It was an outdoor ceremony and reception. She's hoping she's next!  Check out how beautiful everything was.

Number 5: Tonight we are having a school staff field trip to the Tiger's game downtown!  We are getting a party bus and all heading down together.  Sister 2 and I are going but Sister 3 is celebrating her boyfriend's birthday tonight.  We are looking forward to a "silly" night! If you know what we mean! 

Go Tigers!!!

- Sister 3 -

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  1. A staff field trip sounds like a blast! I'm sure you'll have a great time. The time capsule is a sweet idea and YES the year 2023 sounds really strange!