Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Math Menu

Yesterday, the sisters and I spend the day at Math Menu training at our local ISD.  It's basically Daily 5 Math.  We are obsessed with Daily 5 so we knew we'd love this too!  We are going to start Math Menu in the fall.  Our math block will look like this.. mini lesson the the math topic for the day, students will be divided into 3 groups, they will rotate to the 3 choices, and we will meet back to talk about what we learned.

The three rounds are:
1. Math practice- this is the worksheet or activity they will complete based on the mini lesson.
2. Math review- this is practice problems from concepts they've already learned.
3. Math games- this can be computer games or any math games you have or find. They don't have to be the specific topic you taught that day.

The three groups should not be based on ability level, everyone should be mixed up so you have time to pull those who need extra support. We all decided that we will be assigning groups and posting the rotation schedule, there will be no choice for Math Menu because everyone has to do everything everyday.  Each of the three rounds will last for 15 minutes.

The presenters showed us this great K-5 website. There are wonderful resources. Just a warning... you might get lost in this site! So much good stuff.

This is our plan for fall... we will update you on how it's working for us!  Does anyone use Math Menu or something similar? We'd love to hear how it's working for you!

- Sister 3 -

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