Monday, July 1, 2013

A Linky and Freebies

Happy Monday everyone! Today I'm linking up with Oh' Boy Fourth Grade for her July Linky.

Last week I attended a four day math conference. When my alarm went off on Monday morning I was really wondering why I thought registering for this back in March was a good idea.  But once I got my butt moving and the Monday session was over I was pumped for the rest of the week and definitely not regretting signed up. 

The four days few by and I have a binder full of resources and ideas that I am itching to use next year! So naturally what did I do? That's right ran home and made everything cute! You're welcome. hehe 

We talked a lot about this thing call subitizing. Have any of you heard of this? As soon as I heard that word my college best practices in math course came back to me. How could I have forgotten about something so important? And something that will make my life easier when checking math papers. If you've never heard of it Google it. Seriously.  Subitizing is basically "instantly seeing how many." You can use whatever model works best for you whether it be a nines frame or a tens frame. All you have to do is teach the kids the patterns...

Subitizing is going to be one of our first lessons in the fall. It helps keep those math pictures neat and organized. It may not seem like a big deal but you'll be thanking me for this later! 

One of my other "ahha" moments was went I saw this...

Why didn't we ever think of this before? How awesome... a hundreds chart puzzle. I put it on card stock and cut away. The best part is none of them have to be cut the same way! 

I'm not sure if I've been living under a rock but I hadn't heard of the game Bump! I'd say about 90% of the teachers there play it in their classroom. If you're like me and don't know what it is or have the game yet grab it here for free! 

We also did a little bit of "Farm Fun."  The instructor read the book, The Rowdy Rooster. Then she posed the question, "There are 12 legs in the barnyard. What animals might be in the barnyard?"  We had to cut out farm animals and glue them to a barn. Grab our cute version here. What a great way to not only incorporate literature but also get the kids talking about math! 

That's all for tonight... I have to go pack for my trip to Connecticut! More math fun to come. 

- Sister 3 -


  1. I absolutely LOVE that you are listening to Hanson!
    100 chart puzzles are awesome. :)

    Mrs. Lirette's Learning Detectives

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  3. Hi, I found you on the Michigan blog place on Fifth in the Middle. I too am a Michigan Blogger. I'm your newest follower! We just had a meet up with other Michigan teachers, maybe you can make the next one!

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