Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pretty Penguins!

So I mentioned a few posts ago about our heavy emphasis on informational text!  Well we are finally in full swing of our penguin unit and the kiddos just L-O-V-E it!  We have read informational penguin books, watched penguin video clips, made our own penguin booklets, and discussed everything from their life cycle to the what they like to eat!  It seems all three of our classes can not get enough of these adorable little guys!  I can't lie....the three of us are also loving teaching about them!! 

Yesterday and today we worked on an informational writing craftivity.  It is a perfect writing piece to grade and makes a very cute classroom display.  I have to admit I took down something I just put up recently to hang these up!  They were too cute and they have made me smile every time I looked at them today.  Here are a few pictures of our work on these and a peek at how some of them turned out!  Check out some of the accessories they jazzed them up bows, bow ties, a bracelet, even sunglasses!! smiled too when you saw them didn't you?!?!  :)  I think they are even cuter than Tacky...and he's pretty cute!  Tomorrow we start small group research projects on specific types of penguins.  Then we will also do a text features scavenger hunt with informational penguin books later this week.  All of these activities and even more can be found in our penguin unit.  Check out the preview to see what great things your kiddos can get into while learning about informational text!

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