Monday, January 21, 2013

A Little This, A Little That

Happy MLK Day! Did you get today off? or were you in PD, like us? We did a lot of work with our new writing rubrics and thinking maps. Gotta love those thinking maps! More to come on how we are using thinking maps soon.

Last week we were learning about verbs. The kids loved this assignment. First we brainstormed a huge list of angry verbs.  Then the students wrote an angry sentence on a sentence strip and colored their angry bird. Check out our "Angry Verbs!"  

We've been making great progress in addition with regrouping. Our kids love "Solve It!" This game is found in our Addition with Regrouping Pack. 

Last Friday, we assigned groups of 5-6 to work on informational posters. Each group was assigned an information book to read together.  Then they completed their poster and presented it to the class. They took it very seriously and the posters turned out great! 


  1. Hi! I have a little guy in my 1st grade class who will go NUTS over that Angry Verb/Bird activity! Where did you find the pictures to color??? If you wouldn't mind sharing!! :) Thanks for sharing the idea!

  2. This activity was definitely a hit in our classrooms... some of the kids even asked to take the extra coloring sheets home. I'm not sure if this is the exact link we used but they have good birds/pigs. We hope your class enjoys this project as much as ours did!