Monday, January 14, 2013


Last week we dove head first into our fluid earth unit.  
This unit piggy backs our solid earth unit, you can find our Little Landformers pack on Tpt here

We like to start with types of water on earth.  Last week we made small Water Dictionaries. All you have to do is cut a piece of long construction paper and fold it into four sections.  Then have your students copy the definitions and draw a matching picture.     

Our students practice these definitions with a partner using laminated puzzles. 
The puzzles can be found in our Fluid Earth Pack on TpT. 

This week we began the water cycle!  Check our our tear art...

We will also be making a water cycle wheel, completing a water cycle cut and paste, and a few other fun activities.  

You can't complete a water unit without breaking down the water cycle and talking about weather!  
Next week, our kiddies will be making a cute precipitation craftivity.    

(sorry it's so blurry... darn shaky hands!)

All the pieces to this craftivity are included in our Fluid Earth Unit.

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