Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A little sappy!

It's been a great few days back!  Our kiddos have all been hanging in there!  I kinda think they are as tired as we are!  The other two sisters welcomed  new students this week!  I give them  TONS of props....the week after holiday break with new students to explain everything to?!?  Way to go ladies for getting those kids on the right track already!

I was emailing with a co-worker today who was making cards of list ideas for  her students to choose during  Daily 5's Work on Writing in February.  She created some of the cutest list ideas.  One said "Make a list of all of the people you care about."  I don't know why that one stuck out to me but it has me reflecting on who I would put on my list!  So I guess this is my personal "Shout-Out" time!  I have the most wonderful, supportive parents who have always been such a huge part of my life.  I have a hilarious, loving, "big -kid" boyfriend who I cannot imagine my life without.  I have lots of great friends who I have such a great time with and wish I had more time to see....and I blessed with these two "Sisters" who keep me laughing and sane on even the craziest of days.  I spoke with a friend today about how time is just flying by.  We were saying when we were younger we rushed time and now we want time to just freeze!  Well if I could do it, now would be the time and I think it's because of all the great people on my "List.". Who would be on your list?

Have a great rest of your week!
-Sister 1

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