Friday, February 1, 2013

Did you ever have one of them days?

Well... today was my day! The cherry on top came about 3 minutes after pulling out of the school parking lot. Yes, that's right! I got pulled over for speeding in our school's subdivision. You might be wondering... "What was she thinking?"  I wasn't, or maybe I was too busy thinking to even realize how fast I was going before it was too late.  I'm pretty sure ALL [which is probably a HUGE exaggeration] of my students saw and if they didn't ALL see then the one or two that did will tell EVERYONE on Monday. But a teacher can only hope that they will forget before then!  Yeah. Right. Wahhh


Check out this great Pinterest idea. I found some old pant hangers and put them to good use. Now I can see all the poster I have at one quick glance!

Here is an activity from our Perfect Penguin Pack!

Our pack includes informational cards about many different types of penguins.  We printed, laminated, and passed them out to partners.  We also, on a whim, decided to print out extra information about each penguin to help with the research.  The partners then had to fill out the "Penguin Report."  They thought that was really cool because "high schoolers" do reports!  The best part was a lot of them asked for another copy of the report to bring home and do for FUN.      

I'm sure that Tacky is not only a classroom favorite of ours but also yours. Who doesn't love that strange bird!?!  After reading the book, one of my students raised her hand and said, "Wouldn't it be fun to be Tacky's companion?" Which gave me an idea. I whipped up this writing paper [gotta love a printer in the room] and pulled out the scrap paper basket and we each made a companion for Tacky!

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