Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sub Packs

Sorry about our slight hiatus... The sisters and I are on winter break.
How many of you are on winter break too? 

I know the sisters started their breaks the fun way, skiing and whatnot! However, I spent the first half of my break writing papers for my masters program.  I'm going to end my week up north, snowmobiling!

Here's a view of my winter paradise.

I know we blog about sub packs ALL the time. But, I think we've found our niche.  We might be a little obsessed... but they are fun for us to make.  PLUS, They make days away from school easy breezy. 

We've prepped 9 days away from the classroom!  Each pack is centered around a picture book.  They include reading, writing, and math lessons.  Some include social studies and science however some books don't lend to that.  Check them our at our TPT store.  Once you've got your pack all you have to do is pull out the picture book and make the copies.

I like to keep mine in my sub tub. Each pack is kept in its own ziplock baggie, to keep everything organized.  This way if I'm ever unexpectedly out my sisters know where to find my plans. Quick, easy and worry free!  Our subs have left great feedback about them. You really can't go wrong.

Below are all the packs we offer.    

1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8

Look for Where the Wild Things Are in our TPT store soon!

I'm putting the finishing touches on it tonight. :)


  1. The sub packets looks great! I just discovered your blog while pinning away on Pinterest. I also teach 2nd grade in MI. :)
    Diving Into 2nd Grade

  2. Hi girls! Thanks for stopping by. :) We are your newest followers. Love your blogs.