Thursday, May 16, 2013

Story Elements and Measurement

This week we've been focusing on story elements and measuring.  Along with assessing, assessing, assessing... ohh and the occasional brain break on the playground. The weather has just been too beautiful to not go out.

For one of our story element activities we partnered the students up and gave each pair a few sticky notes and a book.  They had to partner read the story and then fill out the story elements on the sticky notes.  Then we posted them up on the front of my desk.

Measurement is one of my favorite units... I know I say that about almost everything, except regrouping! Haha but I love measurement because everyone can get up and move around.  We do a lot of, "Be the first person to find something that is 4 inches.  Find something that is 15 centimeters." It's kind of turned into a game, but I'm okay with it!

We also like to measure ourselves!  I hear them comparing the length of their shoes or hands which others.  It makes me so happy to hear, "My shoe is 1 inch longer than yours." Real life story problems! And the best part is I'm not telling them to do it!

Today we had a parent volunteer come it... I just love those days! The kids love to have their mom or dad come in and do a special project or game with them.  Today's mom took groups of four to our pod to play a measurement game.  It was the first time they played and they absolutely loved this game!  They were begging to play again.  I can't remember the name of it but what they have to do is roll dice to see which body parts to add to their character. Some of them can get pretty funny.  Then they have to measure how tall it is and compare it to the other other players.  The player with the tallest character wins the round.

See you tomorrow for Five for Friday! 

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