Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Day in the Life of the Sisters

Today we are linking up with our friend from Second Grade Nest!

Here's a look into our day!

We wake up between 6:30-8:00. [no no we don't live together.]  I'm ALWAYS the last one up.  I'm just not a morning person... thankfully school doesn't start until 9:00.  As soon as we get to school we make a cup of something!  Sister 1 drinks hot chocolate, Sister 2 drinks tea, and I drink my decaf.  Having a Keurig as school is AMAZING.  Then we spend some time chatting with each other and checking our email before the morning music starts.  Our school welcomes our kiddos with some upbeat music to get them pumped for the day!  Once the bell rings we take attendance.  Each class has their own office folder.  

These two cuties swear they didn't plan this! How cute are they?!?  After we settle in we go over the agenda of the day and review some of our learning objectives. 

First up is math.  This week we've been working on telling time.  My class calls our clock, Judy.  Most of them even say hi to Judy when they come in... strange? Maybe, but whatever gets them excited to tell time!  This week we're also studying time lines, so we thought why not kill two birds with one stone.  

I swear the "sharp" pail was full before school started! But after math, I always have to sharpen pencils.  I really don't know how they are all dull at the same time? Do they purposely break them just to torment me?

The rest of our morning seems to be lost because my next picture is lunch.  We hit up Subway, for the second time this week.  Don't judge. hehe

After lunch we had to take advantage of our beautiful 74 degree day!  But when we came back in, it was time to get back to business.  First we finished up a poem we had started  before lunch.  Then I went through everyones "Book of Poetry."  Each student selected their favorite poem and we did a run through of our program...  Tomorrow we are hosting, "An Afternoon of Poetry." We'll fill you in on this tomorrow!  

Next we worked on our informational research project.  The sisters and I each did it a little bit differently.  Sister 1 decided to do her research online and display it on the Smartboard.  Sister 2 is doing hers with a book.  I decided to print off a pocket book for each one of my students... tons of prep work.  I'm the crazy one!  But they all LOVE their little book on elephants. Soooo it was worth it. 

Finally, it was time for specials.  Today our class had science.  The science teacher comes to our room.  I always leave and sneak to Sister 2's room with Sister 1.  I forgot something I needed on my desk so when I snuck in to grab it I couldn't resist snapping a picture of these really cool bridges they where building.  How fun!

The sisters and I have prep last hour.  We generally spend all of it catching up preparing materials.  

Today we were busy.  I hung out with the copy machine for about a half hour.  I also hung up our pop can drive posters.  We got ready for our volunteer luncheon, Cinco de Mayo style.  We love our kindergarten teachers for making those adorable centerpieces!  Finally, after school made a few phone calls to parents.    

After school, Sister 2 had to run to all of her sons baseball practices.  3 boys, I don't know how she does it!  Sister 1 stayed late at school putting the finishing touches on the volunteer luncheon decor.  I had to scoot to the grocery store to get stuff for our "Afternoon of Poetry." Two trips later I had it all. Note to self, always make a list.  My mom and I made cupcakes, Rice Crispy treats, and a butterfly goldfish snack we found on Pinerest. We went a little over board!  We were so busy with the treats that we decided to order a calzone for dinner.   

After dinner, I took my little Bella Baby for a walk.  I couldn't get her to smile, she wasn't in the mood for a picture!  And now... the Wings are playing. It's finally time to relax.  

Phhew I'm tired! 


  1. Thanks so much for linking up!
    Your day is quite busy! Your puppy is too cute!

    I am SO jealous about your school's Keurig! I need one just for school!

    Second Grade Nest

  2. I am jealous! I need to come work at your school, A keurig and lunch out!!!

    Crystal Shepherd
    The lamppost in 1st grade math