Monday, May 27, 2013

Here Fishy, Fishy

This weekend was the official kick off to summer trips to my cottage in northern Michigan. I know I blogged about my winter oasis at my cottage before but there is nothing like the summer up there.  This weekend not only did I enjoy the sun, relaxation, and being on the pontoon...

Sorry, I couldn't resist!

But I also found a new love. Don't worry my boyfriend's NOT angry or jealous... he's actually thrilled! I love fishing! ... wait did I just stay fishing? Yes, I did! I really surprised myself with this one.  My boyfriend has been begging me for two summers now to try it... I always politely decline but this weekend I thought, "What the heck!?! I'll give it a whirl." He put what I like to call the 'wacky pickle' on my hook and within minutes I caught my first fish!  What a thrill! I couldn't stop, I had to catch 7, yes 7, more!

As you can see, that's not MY hand holding that slimy fish. I didn't stray to far from myself. The bf takes it off the hook for me and releases it back to it's home.  But I have to say I'm pretty darn proud of myself... that's a big fish for a beginner!  

How did you spend your Memorial Day weekend? 

- Sister 3 -

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