Sunday, March 3, 2013

Teaching, Madness, and More

Last night, my boyfriend and I were watching TV.  An AT&T commerical comes on and he says... "This is what I imagine you do all day." "Yes babe, that's exactly what I do ALL day. NOT!"  Sometimes, however, I wish this is what our jobs entailed!

Then I went on Facebook and saw this...



It's already March! I can't believe it.

The sisters and I have been working hard to get our March units together.  Sister 2 created that adorable March Madness unit. The boys [and girls] will be all about it! 

We also have a St. Patrick's Day mini-unit.  There are enough activities in this pack to last the entire day! I just love themed days, especially for holidays.  This pack includes lessons on reading, writing, math, and social studies!

St. Patrick’s Day Traditions Reading
St. Patrick’s Day Traditions Question& and Answer
Green is the Color to Be: Person Hunt
“What Would You Do If You Found A Pot of Gold?” Writing Prompt
Lucky Charms Graphing
Addition and Subtraction Story Problems
Addition and Subtraction Facts
Word Search
Synonym Match up: Cards and Worksheet
Antonym Match UP: Cards and Worksheet
Eye Spy Coins: Money Scavenger Hunt
“How to Catch a Leprechaun” Craftivity

This is a sample of the craftivity.


It's amazing how fast the weekend goes! I still have a list a mile long of all the things I need to accomplish by Monday morning.

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