Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Fever!

Well we made it through conference week!  It was a few very long days but everything went well for all three of us and now we are onto our last trimester of school!!  Let me tell you my class has SPRING fever!! do I!!  I am over the snow and cold weather!  I am ready to be done wearing my Ugg boots and move on to flip flops or at least no socks!  This week marks the first day of least by the calendar!  The forecast doesn't look very "springy" with thirty degree temps! :(   But we decided a great way to kick off our first week of spring and get us into the spirit would be to work on spring writing!  This week we planned to have our students write an opinion piece on which season is better and a narrative story entitled "The Year I Was the Easter Bunny."  Next week we will be writing another narrative piece for April Fool's Day and then after spring break it will be an Informative piece on Plants! 

Check out our Spring Writing Pack and think spring!! :)

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