Sunday, January 19, 2014


I have to admit this before I even start this post.....I thought today was Saturday.  No joke, the entire day I was thinking it was Saturday.  That was not good when about an hour ago it hit me that it was really Sunday!! about not getting your school to-do list done!  Have any of you had those days?  It's been a super busy weekend which again is maybe why it was gone in a blink of an eye!

Sooooo now that we have established that tomorrow is Monday....yes people means back to work!  Although our kiddos have off for MLK Day, we have professional development.  That means learning so many new things sitting through meetings all day.  We are all at a point where a whole day in our classrooms for planning, prepping, and catching up would be A-mazing but such is life....School Improvement and Math PD it is.  We saved our MLK activities for Tuesday and will share them with you this week! 

Today we were featured in the this week's TPT newsletter! Talk about feeling wonderful about yourself!  We were asked to be in there for a milestone of our store hitting 20k in sales!  It's so great to know that we are helping out other teachers with products they really seem to love.  Check it out here!

As you have read in many posts before this one, two of us are engaged and planning weddings!  This weekend was a big deal for me.  I FINALLY ordered my dress.  I say "finally" because I am a terrible decision maker who has lots of anxiety when I do make one so this was a decision about 2 months in the making.  I ordered the first dress I ever tried on which I knew was the one back then....just had to have some reassurance (which came in the form of 2 more bridal shop visits).  Then today my "husband-to-be" and I started looking at houses. What an overwhelming but fun experience.  Hopefully very soon we will be not only saying "I do" to each other but to a new house to begin our life in as well!

Can't imagine how the last two days got away from me.....

Have a great Monday and for those of you who get the day off...enjoy! 

~Sister 1  

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