Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snow Day Smiles!

Yippee!!!!  I'm so excited...I just can't hide it!!  No I am not singing an 80's throwback!  We just got our Remind 101 text that we have NO SCHOOL tomorrow due to extremely low temperatures!  I'm one of the sisters who has no use for winter except for the bonus days when we are lucky enough to get the day off. This winter in Michigan has been a rough one...lots of snow and ice and "polar vortex" temperatures.  "Polar vortex?" you ask!  Yeah, I have no idea either but THANK YOU polar vortex whatever you are! Check out the crazy temps....and these are without factoring in the wind chill!  Yes, Monday and Tuesday's temps will be below zero....hmmm another day off next week perhaps?!  A girl can dream can;t she? :)

This week has flown by....well ok it was really only 3 days with kiddos!  We had a big week in our classrooms and in the TPT world!  As we mentioned before, this week we were selected to be in the newsletter!  We feel very excited about this even aside for the "milestone" it celebrates!  We also got a shout-out on TPT's Facebook page and hit 5,000 total sales!!  WAHOO....we were very excited!

This week we worked on Parts of Speech.  We taught thought we taught nouns, verbs, and adjectives already this year.  Then about a week ago, we did a lesson that included this and lets just say some kids must have missed the days we learned these.  So this week we decided to do a fun activity each day for each...hoping this time it would be more clear!  Yesterday was verbs....ANGRY verbs!!  The last few years we've had students color a character from Angry Birds (the app) and attach it to a sentence with a verb that's made to look "angry" in the sentence.  To be honest, I am not sure where we saw this online so I can;t give credit to someone for the idea but we did find the character pics and blew them up a little bigger to color.  Here's a look at how a few turned out...

Cute right?  Our kiddos LOVED making these.  Hopefully we can update you in a few weeks with news that they know exactly what a verb is still!  We have a pack in our TPT store for parts of speech called "Parties of Speech" which is in the process of being revamped!  It is full of great activities but we are planning to add a few more and make it a little cuter!  If you are an elementary teacher, you totally get that last sentence!  You can find it here:

Last but not least, we recently added our most recent emergency sub plans pack.  It goes with the picture book "Lemonade for Sale."  A part of this book is in our reading series and when we used to use it (yes our basal just does not get it done anymore) our students loved this story!  If you have purchased and/or used one of our emergency sub plans before you know these plans come packed with activities that go across the curriculum.  They are perfect for a sub tub if you are required to have one like we are.  All three of us have used one over the last year and they really are a lifesaver on unexpected days out....and we aren't just saying that....check out the great feedback for each!

You can check it out here:

Well that's all for now!  I am off to stay up late and catch up on my DVR because tonight I can!! :)

Happy "Cold" Day to any of you out there around us!

~Sister 1

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