Thursday, August 21, 2014

When... Our Daily Schedules

Every year we change up our schedules a little bit depending on our lunchtime, our resource room times, and other pull outs we might have. This year we have a new math unit, which we honestly haven't even opened yet! I know, I know... what are we doing?!?! A whole new program, school starts in 12 days, and we haven't even thought about opening our TE. Yikes! This afternoon, after visiting another second grade teacher's room, Tina and I started stressing about it. We didn't realize how many components this program has! Lindsay came a bit later and calmed us down... [she's good at that]  She reminded us that everything always works out!

Side note: Is there anyone out there who uses Bridges!?!? We would LOVE to hear your opinion/thoughts/comments on the program.

Okay... I'm getting off track so back to the topic: When. This year our days are going to look something like this...

We plan together and do all the same activities but we don't always do them the same way or at the same time. Our schedules have a little bit of variance just to meet our own personal needs. Me, I'm not good at keeping to a schedule, I like freedom. But this year I'm really going to try and stick to what I have posted.

I'm trying something a bit different this year and I'm going to split up my Daily 5 block. I'm renaming it Daily 3. Writing and Word Work are going to be separate.  I'll update you on how those changes are working out for me. I'm hoping it will keep my kids better engaged during their independent working time.

Our district is also implementing a new handwriting program this year. If you notice, we don't have that in our any of our schedules. We plan on getting a handle on math and then implementing handwriting in January.

Today we planned our first week... It's def a sloppy copy right now that I'm too embarrassed to share. Once I get it legible I'll post it.

See ya tomorrow for the last Link Up with Blog Hoppin' Back to School 2014.

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  1. Hey's holly (crisscross applesauce in first grade). We use Bridges Math/Number Corner. If you run into any specific away!

    Happy first day of school!!!