Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pre-Halloween Fun!

Halloween is in in full swing around here! Our classrooms are looking spooky and the kids are acting even stranger. Please don't tell us it's just our kids that have Halloween Fever!?!

This morning one of my little cuties brought me this adorable bracelet! Can you believe his mom made it?!?

Today the Candy Corn Bandit paid us a visit. Gotta love Babbling Abby! The Candy Corn Bandit took our treat but left us with some clues. After he made us trek around the whole school we ended up back in our classroom where the treat was waiting for us. This lesson on making preditions is absolutely adorable! You have to check it out.

Today we also had our annual pumpkin fun! Sister 2 and I had a full house of parent volunteers, poor Sister 1 didn't get any. She made it work tho! We weighed, measured, and counted our pumpkins. Then we carved them... this year they got pretty fancy! Grab our pumpkin fun worksheet here!

Now, this momma-to-be is ready for bed! Too bad it's only 3pm...

Have fun tomorrow at all your Halloween festivities!
-Sister 3-

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