Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Earth's Surface Changes

How wonderful would it be to just stay home Monday and Tuesday in your pjs all day and play with your baby and watch Lifetime movies work on updating some of your units and worksheets???

I'll tell you. Amazing.

Don't mind my hair ;)

Yes... two snow days in a row. Can we go for a third? I don't want to press my luck but the weatherman is calling for a couple more inches over night.

While that cutie was napping I did do a little bit of work. I updated our Earth's Surface Changes Unit. This unit was so bad... basically nonexistent.

Here's a secret... you can have this unit for FREE. BUT it's only free through our blog. We have it for purchase in our TpT store. Shhhh

This year we really stepped up our game and actually did experiments for each type of earth change! I know, I know... you're thinking, "say what?" Here's another secret... Lindsay and Tina have student teachers so they are all about showing off best practices.

Here's a run down of the experiments. AND by no means are we taking credit for these ideas. It's all about using what's out there!

Volcanoes: Put a small cup in a pie tin. Scoop 2-3 spoonfuls of baking soda into the cup. Pour vinegar on top. Watch it explode!

Earthquakes: Layer colored rice or different types of beans (it's supposed to represent earth's crust/layers) in a clear vase. Insert a ruler and cause a commotion.

Landslides: Place a few Unifix cubes at the bottom of a clear plastic bin, the Unifix cubes represent houses or a small town. Fasten a piece of tag board to one side creating a slope. Pour sand down the slope. The Unifix cubes will be pushed out of place.

Erosion/Weathering: Fill a small cup with water. Drop an Oreo in. Watch as it breaks apart.


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