Monday, May 12, 2014

Hello.. is anyone still out there?

OHHH MY! We are terrible bloggers... we've been MIA for a while now. Let's get caught up on what we've been up to.

I've officially been back to school for a week now. Coming back from maternity leave is HARD. Leaving my precious baby everyday is so difficult but I know she's in good hands, my mom's hands. So she's being spoiled - that's for sure!

Sister 1 has been busy planning her wedding and is building a new house! Sister 2 and I have been planning her school bridal shower for May 20.

Baseball season has started for Sister 2. With her 3 boys she's been running from game to game.

And at school...

I came back to a busy week. We had our field day... which made the transition easier. You can't go wrong with an afternoon of fun!

We finished our poetry unit last week. One of my favorite poems is the shape poem. We have the students pick anything they want and create it out of construction paper. They glue it all other on a piece of white and then write words or phrases that describe it along its edges.

Another favorite is the Haiku.

After we create a handful of poems we put them all into a poetry folder. The student's each get to pick their favorite poem and practice reading it for our poetry party.

Last year our "Afternoon of Poetry" was such a hit that we decided to host "A Morning of Poetry" this year. We invite all the parents, have each student read their best poem, and then celebrate with snacks. It's a ton of fun!

We are going to try and be better about updating this blog sooooo if you're still out there, THANK YOU for not abandoning us and please check back soon!

-Sister 3-

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