Monday, November 25, 2013

Animal Print, Landfills, and Turkeys

It's me, Sister 3 again… are you getting sick of me yet!?! I sure hope not!

Well GOOD NEWS… the most adorable nursery bedding came today! It was like Christmas morning when I saw all the boxes on my porch. I tore into them only to fall more in love with the precious patterns. Somebody, I won't name any names… daddy-to-be … thinks I'm nuts. But I don't care.

Now that I have it, it's time to pick out a paint color. I can't wait until our little room looks just like this! 


The science teacher and I run our Green Team at school. Our club has 32 members… sadly we had to limit it this year because last year we had 70+ and it was just to chaotic. We didn't have the adult help so we decided to cap it at 30. How did we get 32 you ask? I couldn't say no to those 2 little faces who handed me their registration! I'm a sucker. But the 40 in my mailbox…  I said no without hesitation!

Today we took a field trip to the Waste Management Landfill that's about 20 minutes from our school. Before we got there I was praying it didn't smell… and luckily… it didn't! We got an awesome bus tour. The kids were so into it- answering questions, asking questions, and wanting more when she said it was over. Who would have guessed the landfill would be so exciting?!? Next year, we're thinking the recycling plant! 


The sisters and I have been anxiously waiting for Thanksgiving break. To pass the time we've been working from our Gobble, Gobble unit! One more day, we can do it! 

-Sister 3-

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