Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Terrific, but Tiring Tuesday

Well..it's over.  My first observation of the year, that is.  :)  I am so glad...the last couple of years things have really changed up here in Michigan with the teacher evaluation process.  And even though I know that what I'm doing is wonderful (obviously or I wouldn't be sharing it with you...haha!), I am always extra stressed on the day of the observation. 

So fast forward to 9:25 A.M--My kids were just finishing up their morning journals and math games and I quickly gathered them on the carpet for "the talk."  You all know "the talk." "The principal is coming down this morning to check out our classroom. She really wants to see children who are behaving nicely...yadda yadda yadda."  BUT, I really got their attention by saying that if you are very well behaved you might even earn extra recess time.  Hey, some might call it bribery, but I call it "persuasive speaking." :)

9:30--We start our Christmas Making Inferences activity. This morning I prepped all of the bags and had them all set out around the room.  As the kids came in, it was so cute to hear them "inferring" to each other about what was in the gift bags.  I explain everything (in my extra nice teacher voice of course) and we get moving.  Here's a picture of what the bags looked like.

The kids LOVED it.  It was adorable to see them working together with a partner that I chose and being "Inferring Investigators."  They did a great job on reading and inferring what was in the gift bags.  We wrapped it up by going over our guesses and unwrapping the gifts.  So much fun and a whole lot of learning!

~Sister 2

PS: Good luck to Sister 1 on her observation tomorrow morning!

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