Monday, November 26, 2012

Infomational Text Features

After looking at the Common Core it's easy to see that informational text plays a huge role!  The sisters and I have been working hard on infromational text features for the last few weeks.  Our kids are really starting to understand why they are so important and how they help us as readers. 

We started our investigation of informational text by reading a book called "Changes in Autumn."  Each student had their own copy and we discussed important aspects of the text.

Next we completed our "Navigating Through Informational Text" text features reference guide, which can be found in our Here's the Info! pack.  This really hit home as to how text features help readers.  

Today we created an informational text feature poster.  Our students worked with a partner to pick out each of the different text features. Grab a copy of the headings.  

Tomorrow our plan is to use book orders from Scholastic (love them!) and do a narrative vs informational book sort!      


  1. We have to use the term 'informational text' instead of nonfiction. (Core) What about you?

  2. Good point! We are transitioning into using that term this year since it is more "Core-ish." Old habits die hard. :) Thanks for inquiring and taking the time to comment. We'll have to switch it around.