Sunday, October 21, 2012

Witchy Halloween Fun

Wow!  I was just stopping in to tell everyone about a great new product when I was thrilled to see many more adds to our "Linky Party!". This "party" has turned into something very exciting.....thanks to Sister 2 for getting this party started....ha ha (music trivia anyone?).  It's also great to "meet" our new followers and check out the happenings on their sites.  Thank you to everyone who has linked up so far.  What creative items we've been seeing! 
Keep the good "links" coming!

Speaking of all know how much we love Halloween and today we added a new product to our TPT store!  It's a super cute witch craftivity that comes with many ideas of how you can use it in your classroom.....a glyph perhaps?  Or my personal favorite is to use it as a countdown to Halloween!  "Witchy Halloween Fun" can be found here.  

Check it out "my pretties"....little witchy weekend humor for you!

~Sister 1

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