Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Compare and Contrast

This week is all about comparing and contrasting. The kids are digging it!

Yesterday we read, Who Would Win? Hippo vs Rhino. If you have never seen these books, let me tell you... they are a crowd pleaser. Especially with the boys!

After we learned all about these two gigantic mammals we completed a venn diagram sort. You can grab it here

Today we compared Goldilocks and the Three Bears with Dusty Locks and the Three Bears. We watched this YouTube clip...

...then read this story...

After watching the clip and listening to the story we completed another sort. You can also print a copy of this worksheet from here!

Tomorrow we will be be completing a double bubble map with a classmate. We will be finding 3 things that are the same and three things that are different.  We are going to be using a very generic map, you can grab it here

Lots of comparing and contrasting fun!

-Sister 3-

Monday, June 2, 2014

7 days left...

Where did this school year go? It's been a crazy one for the sisters and I. But we wouldn't have wanted it any other way... a baby and an upcoming wedding! Two of the best blessings on earth.

My class loves seeing pictures of my little sweetie pie. Since my mom watches her during the day she tries to come up with "fun" photos to send to the kids. This is the latest...

... yes ... that's my 2 month old with a sucker! Don't worry, grandma took it away BUT not until after she let her take one lick.

tooooo sour for a little baby girl, lol
I don't know about you but our kiddies are tested out. These poor kids have reading, writing, and math assessments that sometimes seem like they are never ending. We've really gotten our money's worth from these bad boys. 

When I started grading the math assessments I found quite a few kids who decided to write in their own answers. Seriously?????

We've been trying to squeeze in the last unit of social studies in between the end of the year assessments and festivities. Today we whipped up this little three branches of government "tree" map. 

We also watched a few short YouTube clips. Here's our favorite! 

We are doing our best to fit in some activities from our Groovy Government unit... we need to remember to start this unit earlier next year so we can take full advantage of this pack! 

We hope you are enjoying your last few days of this school year! 

-Sister 3-